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The Dr. Vibe Show™: Dr. Vibe On The Patrick Morris Show

Dr. Vibe was on The Patrick Morris Show on iLIVE Radio on March 12, 2017. Some of the topics that were discussed were: The Dr. Vibe Show™, the state of Black life in Canada and the United States, Black men’s health and manhood. Please feel free to email us at Please feel free to […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: The Hunt For Black Family History 

Maybe you’ve seen those commercials pushing Americans to “discover their stories” by digging into their family histories. Millions of Americans find meaning from these searches. Mandisa Routheni mom’s one of them. She’s doing a deep dive into our family history, reviving the stories of past ancestors in America. Click on the link below to […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Are NCAA Rules On Its Athletes Creating An Uneven Playing Field?

As the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament gets under way, critics say student-athletes see minor gains while coaches continue to rake in millions. Click on the link below to read more. Are NCAA Rules on Its Athletes Creating an Uneven Playing Field? Please feel free to email us at Please feel free to “Like” the […]

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