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The Dr. Vibe Show™: Live Today At 9 P.M. Eastern/6 P.M. Pacific – Tiffany Rashel “Are Some Black Women Mimicking Black Gay Men?”

Tiffany Rashel is a Global Leadership Strategist, Award-winning International Speaker, coach and trainer who is an expert in mindset mastery and believes empowerment and healing of women is the key to healing the world. She regularly facilitates workshops and training aimed at inspiring leaders to expand their impact in the Global community through compassionate leadership, […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Football – Black Players Aren’t Worried About Lack Of Diversity, Just Football 

But McKnight and other black players on the football team were not concerned about coming to a campus that didn’t have a lot of people who looked like them. Click on the link below to read more. Football: Black players aren’t worried about lack of diversity, just football | The Post Please feel free to email us […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Dr. Maya Rockeymoore “Will Driverless Vehicles Put Black People Out of Work?” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThe Founder, President and CEO of Global Policy Solutions LLC, a social change strategy firm, and the Center for Global Policy Solutions, a nonprofit think and action organization, Dr. Maya Rockeymoore is dedicated to making policy work for people and their environments. With more […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Put Down Your Cape – Solving The Black Superwoman Syndrome

How to practice self-care in a world that shows us otherwise. Click on the link below to read more. Put Down Your Cape: Solving the Black Superwoman Syndrome Please feel free to email us at Please feel free to “Like” the “The Dr. Vibe Show” Facebook fan page here God bless, peace, be well […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Chetachi A. Egwu “The State Of Livestreaming” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Dr. Vibe and Chetachi A. Egwu have a conversation about the state of livestreaming. To listen to an audio only version of this conversation, please click on the “>” symbol on the player at the top of this post. Chetachi A. Egwu is […]

The Dr. Vibe Show™: Black On Black Crime – Myth And Reality In Facebook Murder 

I recently lost my cousin to gun violence, writes Areva Martin, and no one I met at his funeral would feel sorry for a killer because of his race. Click on the link below to read more. Black on black crime: myth and reality in Facebook murder (opinion) – Please feel free to email […]

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