The Dr. Vibe Show: Denise Oliver-Velez “The Fear Of Young Black Men”

Denise Oliver-Velez

Denise Oliver-Velez

Denise Oliver-Velez has had a remarkable journey. Her father was a Tuskegee airman. She grew up speaking Yiddish in New York. She was a member of the Black Panther Party. She was part of the team that started first Black non-commerical radio station in the United States. She was Executive Director of the Black Filmmaker Foundation. She first Black program director of a public television station in the United States. At the present moment, Denise an editor and front page contributor at Black Kos

During our conversation, Denise shares about:

– The Black Kos and what the focus of the Black Kos is
– Some of her experience
– Her post “The Fear Of Young Black Men” and why she wrote it
– Some of the deeply embedded stereotypes of young Black men and some of the injustices that young Black men face
– Some of the fears of young Black men and those who love them – some of the challenges
– What can Black American on young Black men
– Her words for Black men and those who love them

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Black Kos

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