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The Dr. Vibe Show: Stacey Marie Robinson


Stacey Marie Robinson

Stacey Marie Robinson is an author and publisher, piano teacher, urban culture enthusiast, and bona fide music and entertainment addict. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Jamaican parents, Stacey’s love for music and writing led her to the University of Windsor where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, followed by her master’s degree in Communications at Wayne State University in Detroit. Stacey has also studied piano and music theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music, and Publishing at Ryerson University.

She started The Urban Toronto Tales collection as a childhood hobby, and developed into a personal mission: to record the events, culture, and people of her city through storytelling. She founded Kya Publishing to ensure these stories were documented and celebrated.

Stacey currently teaches piano through her business Robinson Music & Urban Books, and is also a part of the Toronto Revellers (Toronto Caribbean Carnival) marketing team.

Stacey will be sitting on panel on at Toronto’s Battle of The Sexes on June 24, 2012 in Toronto.

During our conversation, Stacey tells us that music and writing are her passions, her desire to celebrate African Canadian culture, why is she proud to be a Black Torontonian, why she went to and how much she enjoyed the University of Windsor and what made it special, where how love of journalism came from and how she has taken her love of journalism and made it into a career.

As our interview continues Stacey shares on how she get involved with The Battle Of The Sexes Show, how can we strengthen Black relationships, the frustration that Black women have with Black men and vice versa, where does she get her material to write her books and her thoughts on Black relationships at this time and where they can improve.

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